What are the YSS sessions about?


Part 1: Light My Fire – Honouring the Summer Solstice – Sunday 19 June

A poignant day focusing on the Sun – astronomically as a star and the meaning of the Solstice; symbolically, the sun representing masculine energy; spiritually, Surya (sun) as provider of life-giving energy.

Physically – we will work with a preparation for, and actual Yoga practice of, Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) – that helps to support building strength, stamina and endurance.

Psycho-spiritually – we will focus on developing a wholesome relationship with the element of the Sun and its place in daily life.

Part 2: Light My Agni – My Change and Transformation Process – Sunday 17 July

A poignant day focusing on one’s individual Yogic metaphorical ‘digestive’ fire called Agni and its importance in the alchemical process of change.

Physically –  we will build on the physical practice from Part 1, supplementing this further with pranayama and mantra practice

Psycho-spiritually –  we will look at how one’s Agni is vital in the process of alchemy, in particular in preparation for the individuation process of change and transformation

Praxis Yoga Follow on Practice 4: Rta – It’s all in the timing

It’s all in the timing” – quoting Bruce Springsteen’s reflections about the impact of Elvis and his influence – including on changing American popular culture. To me, a yoga practice provides a snapshot opportunity to re-attune your pace to your unique frequency and ‘natural timing‘ – just the same as how a tuning fork offers a re-calibration process for musical instruments. This practice emphasises the importance of using the breath and mantra practice to offer this reset function – through the lunar breath (chandra bhedena) and ahem-prema vocal practice respectively.

Dreams can come true in a lifetime

I absolutely love this clip of film first uploaded on BBC News website in February 2016 and subsequently appearing on Praxis Yoga’s Facebook.

Virginia McLaurin achieves her dream to visit The White House at the age of 106, and even more poignant is that as a Black woman, she is the visitor of America’s first Black President and First Lady.

Dreams can come true if we are prepared to wait and make it happen – Virginia McLaurin is a true testament of this. She is ace!

Click here to watch the amazing Virginia McLaurin visiting The White House at the age of 106