NEW! Yoga Spirit Sunday – Reclaiming Feminine Power – starting 25 September


Click here to download ‘Reclaiming Feminine Power’ flyer and booking form

Book for individual sessions or all 3. Minimum 10 participants required/session. Confirmation of 25th September’s session will be made by 18 September – so please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

This is an invitation to explore the vast consciousness of the feminine and its relevance to 21st century living.

• We will look at how this energy has become distorted and misrepresented in an adverse way
• We will explore its true qualities and recognise how important they are in life – for health and well-being
• We will focus on how to harness this consciousness to offer a better quality of living and creative life.
• Through a combination of Yoga practice, group-discussion, creative contemplation and more . . , the power of the feminine will be explored within a safe and nurturing environment.

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