Latest Praxis Yoga Follow on Practice 3

Welcome to Praxis Yoga Follow On Class 3, working with the class theme:

“Working with a structured practice – offers access to a heightened state of awareness”

Have you ever had an ‘a-ha’ moment of realisation?

In Praxis terms, this is a connection to a heightened sense of awareness that enables you to tap into your innate intelligence, wisdom and creativity. Feeling safe within enables a deeper connection to a greater sense of self. Having a supportive structure can offer that sense of safety.

Today’s practice encourages you to work with this, using the timing of a count to 4 whilst exhaling, to begin that process of increasing your depth awareness and creating more ‘a-ha’ opportunities. Enjoy.

Latest Praxis Yoga Follow on Practice 2

Welcome to Praxis Yoga Follow On Class 2, working with the class theme: ‘UnderstandingVinyasa Krama – through an Abdominal Breathing Practice in conjunction with the vitality/prana concept and working with your natural breathing cycle”.

This live audio recording of a Praxis Yoga class invites you to work with a safe structured approach to derive maximum effect for an overall sense of well-being.

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Praxis Yoga is now!

This is an official announcement that Praxis Yoga’s website is now:

A great day and new chapter in the School’s timeline and future . . .

Please feel free to inform your friends, colleagues etc  – the aim of this website is to be a clear and accessible resource for accessing information on:

  • Yoga and its use in daily life
  • Yoga practice, philosophy, spirituality etc . . .
  • Stress management – practices, advice and more
  • Practical mindfulness and its use in daily life
  • Sensible self-care
  • Self-care in a carers’ role – sharing my insights as carer to Richard’s deaf-blind disability
  • A Community Hub for meeting like minded others on their journey
  • and more . .

Praxis Weekly Class Follow On . . .

Hi Everyone

This is the latest idea from Praxis Yoga – a ‘Follow On’ practice that captures the essence of the latest weekly class that I teach.

I will offer a recap on the class theme as well as a 10-15 minute practice that you can work with at your leisure. That way, you will keep a momentum with your practice and develop your skills and discipline further.

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I value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you soon.

New BWY Foundation Course Cumbria


This will be Lina’s 8th Foundation Course and the first to be offered in Cumbria.

It is an excellent opportunity to enhance your personal development, extend your Yoga practice and deepen your understanding of theory and philosophy.

The course is suitable for those who wish to consider/prepare for training to become a Yoga Teacher, and for those who are committed to furthering their knowledge and application of Yoga on a personal level.


The course will be taught monthly over 6 single days and 2 weekends  (9.30am to 4.30pm) from September 2016 to April 2017.


To be held in Brigsteer, Kendal, Cumbria – LA8 8AL


For further details and a course brochure/application form or discussion regarding suitability (yours or the course’s), either:

  • or contact Lina directly via: