Praxis Latest Published Article: Decoding Chakras – A Contemporary Challenge to Ancient Thinking

When you see or hear the word ‘chakra‘ – what immediately comes into your awareness?

Such words as energy, chakras, auras and subtle bodies have become relatively commonplace within our everyday vocabularies and conversations. An ever-growing population want to know about energy and spirituality. Those yearning for something more than a routine daily existence have reached ‘critical mass’- they are prompted by a desire for inner fulfillment, for a reconnection with a sense of the sacred in life.

It is no wonder that the Chakra system appeals to Western ‘seekers after truth‘. Yet this raises the intriguing question – How can this ancient Chakric wisdom (from an Eastern culture) ‘make sense‘ and be appropriate to those living a modern Western-centric life?

My aim for this article is to invite you to engage with this scrutiny through a contemporary exploration of the ancient wisdom of Chakras.

I will offer two paradoxes by which to challenge established thinking. . .

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Session 1: Getting to know ‘me
  • Practise yoga asanas (movements) and pranayama (breathing practices) to facilitate a relaxed, grounded and centred state
  • Practise somatic alignment using sound and mantra – to establish one’s unique signature frequency
 Session 2: Getting to know the ‘me’ I can be

Building on the previous session and using specific tonal work and mantra practice, this session invites a creative exploration to:

  • Meet your body’s vocal range – through experience, awareness and expression
  • Access clarity of what you need to become more of who you know you are and can be