Gift of Menopause

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The entire process of menopause is a time of significant change on all levels: physiological, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual. 

Frequently, as organic changes happen, the question “What is my purpose now?” arises. 

What was once familiar and known is no longer reliable – in physical health, relationships, career aspirations, ambitions . . . structures change.

Energy that was previously used in well-established roles and regular responsibilities (eg raising a family, building a career, domestic activities etc) is now taking another (at times un-negotiated) path in order to prepare for this next phase of life.

I believe that a woman intuitively knows what she feels, wants and needs.

I simply wonder if it is permission that is the missing link. To be able to give herself the opportunity to grow into the core person that she is – a life-lover with her own values and dreams, and possessing an innate self-actualising tendency.

A clear and talented individual who, possibly through her unexpected rage and frustration, is experiencing a burgeoning to self-actualise.

This is the focus of my work – to facilitate a process of growth and emergence that is grounded, sensitive, nurturing and do-able.

A recognition that the ensuing tension is a call to initiate a creative process of change, laying the foundations for the next phase of life based, to be based on an internal locus of evaluation.


 Focus of my therapeutic approach is two-fold:
  • Exploration of how the process of menopause might be considered as a woman’s wisdom-centred metamorphosis– a momentous opportunity for inner transformation, new beginnings and significant personal growth and integration.
  • Facilitating principles and practices of Yoga in supporting this potentially profound process.
I offer group-process in the following:
  •  What does it mean to be a menopausal woman? – how current perceptions of menopause might have been influenced by a history of patriarchal conditioning, assumptions and expectations …
  • Life Begins at 40! exploring the concept of ‘mid-life’ and the paradigms of Jung and Indian philosophy
  •  The Gift of Menopause – how redefining this process, from an embodied spiritual perspective, can offer hope and motivation.
  •  Accessing one’s own wisdom utilising specific feminine archetypes to assist in understanding and accessing our own wisdom.
  •  Dimensions of change understanding the physiological, psychological and spiritual changes happening during menopause – hot flushes, memory lapses, sleep disturbance, anxiety and irritability, depression and mood swings…
  •  Practising Yoga postures, movements, breathing techniques and meditations particularly suitable for managing menopausal changes.

By offering a multi-modal approach –  a combination of presentations of ideas and concepts, technique teaching, experiential learning and lots of group participation – all held in a safe and nurturing space – experiences of sharing can affect great change and movement for the next stage of life.