Click here for Lina’s ‘Praxis Intermission Audio Practice 1 – Calm


Lina Mookerjee offers you this 10 minute Praxis Intermission audio practice, designed to offer you timeout during the Christmas and New Year period.
Using Dean Cunningham’s writing to provide contemplative focus, this is followed by a short mindfulness practice. To be used as a sanctuary space for you to relax, recharge and regain perspective as required. Enjoy.


Praxis Latest Published Article: Decoding Chakras – A Contemporary Challenge to Ancient Thinking

When you see or hear the word ‘chakra‘ – what immediately comes into your awareness?

Such words as energy, chakras, auras and subtle bodies have become relatively commonplace within our everyday vocabularies and conversations. An ever-growing population want to know about energy and spirituality. Those yearning for something more than a routine daily existence have reached ‘critical mass’- they are prompted by a desire for inner fulfillment, for a reconnection with a sense of the sacred in life.

It is no wonder that the Chakra system appeals to Western ‘seekers after truth‘. Yet this raises the intriguing question – How can this ancient Chakric wisdom (from an Eastern culture) ‘make sense‘ and be appropriate to those living a modern Western-centric life?

My aim for this article is to invite you to engage with this scrutiny through a contemporary exploration of the ancient wisdom of Chakras.

I will offer two paradoxes by which to challenge established thinking. . .

Click here to download and read Lina’s full article published in BWY Spectrum Autumn 2016 edition