Building Cathedrals – Praxis Yoga

Praxis Yoga believes in the Cathedral principle – the importance of providing good learning based on strong foundations that are built to last a lifetime.

Informed by the Bauhaus philosophy and principles, the Praxis Logo is based on Lyonel Feininger’s Cathedral woodcut

Praxis Yoga foundations include:  

  • Vast experience, extensive knowledge and expertise
  • High professional standards
  • Integrity and authenticity – inherited Tantra/Vedanta Yoga lineage
  • Realistic approach to practice – accounting for limitations
  • Valuing every student and their personal growth process
  • Person-centred and Student-Centred focus to learning
What Praxis Yoga offers:
  • Group Process Developmental Work including:
    • Yoga Spirit Sunday – monthly retreat supporting personal-spiritual development
    • Meditation and Self-Healing Group
    • Praxis/ British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course  – Level 1
    • Gift of Menopause – supporting and enabling women through mid-life transition
    • Sound, mantra and all that jazz – finding your own voice