The Energy Apprenticeship


An opportunity for students to acquire a sound understanding of the principles of the human energy system (including working with the chakra map), and be able to put them into practice for self-healing and personal development – all within a safe, nurturing and grounded learning environment.


This course is intended both as a personal development experience for those who are intrigued by and attracted to this approach, and as a CPD event for those who work in a helping, supportive or therapeutic role with others and who wish to gain both personally and professionally by means of a uniquely different paradigm.

The aim of this course is to enable you to appreciate, understand and access the potential for your own growth, healing and self-actualisation through the energetic system.  It will draw on ideas, theories and knowledge, and the wisdom and practices, from 3 domains:

  • Eastern Philosophy — the principles of Tantra Yoga and the practices of Hatha Yoga
  • Western Psychology — Rogerian and Jungian concepts
  • Physical Sciences — the laws of energy, electricity and electro-magnetism

Praxis School of Yoga has produced 18  for this course. By the end of the course students will be predisposed to:

  1. Understand the fundamental principles of Tantra Yoga philosophy, the
  2. Person-centred approach and Jungian concepts in relation to the enlightened self
  3. Understand the meaning of Quantum theory and its relevance to growth and healing through the energetic dimension
  4. Thoroughly understand the practical energy distribution system and Chakra map
  5. Appreciate the importance of the body’s survival mechanism and its place in personal and spiritual growth
  6. Respect the role of the ego and its place in personal growth and spiritual development
  7. Appreciate the power of mindfulness and its practice
  8. Actively prepare the physical body for mindful somatic awareness
  9. Learn the key skills of operating the energy system – grounding, ‘earthing’, psychic protection, sensitivity training, aura (electromagnetic field) awareness.
  10. Learn how to work with the fight/flight/freeze ‘alarm’ reaction
  11. Learn and practice how to work with fear in a healthy way
  12. Learn and practice how to work with anger in a respectful way.
  13. Explore the facets of the human existence and its qualities through the Chakra map