In-Service Training for Yoga Teachers

Praxis Yoga recognises the importance for Yoga Teachers to continue their professional learning for three reasons:
  • to keep knowledge and skills up to date
  • to specialize in an area of developing interest
  • to give importance to self-care – to establish, sustain and maintain a healthy approach in the role as Yoga teacher, and so to avoid burn-out
BWY Approved In-Service Training Days
Chakras And The Principles Of Energy – Teaching Effectively And Safely

Aim 1: Grounded Approach to Chakra Awareness

To enable participants to understand the context of ‘energy’ through principles of Tantra Philosophy, and the infrastructure for energy transportation through the Chakra system. Also, to inform (using engineering first principles), what constitutes  safe practice when working with the human energy system.

Aim 2: Safe and Effective Methodology for Teaching

To enable participants to develop a way of working with the Chakra system in a regular class environment, and to understand the requirements for professional teaching practice

Sound, Mantra and all that Jazz

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Aim 1: Sound in Motion

To enable participants to understand and experience the principles of ‘sound’ and experience its importance as a tool (from Eastern and Western perspectives) for one’s own, as well as students’, personal and spiritual development. To enable a process of learning how to integrate sound practices within Yoga teaching

Aim 2: Mantra in Stillness

To enable participants to understand and appreciate the mantra, including its origins and relevance to health and well-being in modern life. To enable teacher-participants to value using Mantra as part of their teaching and to learn an approach that is student-centred.

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