Yoga Spirit Sunday

This 2 hour monthly Yoga retreat provides a safe space to explore, discuss and make sense of some of the significant issues in personal-spiritual evolution and development.

Using a combination of Yoga practices, discussion, themed content presentation and meditation, students are encouraged to explore.

Recognising that as human beings, we are a complex structure comprising of many different dimensions:

  • physicality
  • emotionality
  • personality
  • spirituality

When these dimensions are synchronised, an experience of being in harmony within the self can often arise and be felt – ‘a-ha’ moments and insights become apparent.

It’s when they are at odds – that’s often when confusion, irritation and frustration might be present. An explanation might simply be that different needs are coming from different parts of self, all wanting attention, but not necessarily going in a cohesive direction.

Instead of trying to get rid of this discomfort, I encourage students to stay with them and explore what the underlying messages are. Taking the position of a curious scientist, the supposed battle now becomes an adventure to explore the self – all the various terrains, textures, colours and landscapes that make up the Self. By doing so, there is a respect for the actualising tendency to emerge – these messages provide important evidence to make sense and allow a natural growth process to unfold.

Yoga Spirit Sunday themes have included:

  • Neuroscience of Change
  • The Neuroscience of Changing Toxic Thinking Patterns
  • Unlocking your inner creative wisdom using Feminine Intuition
  • What Motivates ‘Me’? The 5 drivers
  • Practice of Avoidance and its Consequences
  •  The Art of Catastrophising
  • What Happens if I Change?
  • A Woman’s Wisdom
  • Dealing with Success
  • Self-care and Resilience
  • What is Intuition and how to work with yours
  • Importance of Self-Awareness and Reflection
  • The gift of menopause  – accessing your feminine wisdom
  • and more . . .