Healing the Sacred Feminine

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Much of historical, religious, cultural and social conditioning has adversely influenced the importance of the feminine and its potential for enabling change, connections, community, personal growth and healthy relationships: with self, others and the world at large.

Archetypes provide a powerful and magical way to access the various forms of feminine energy residing within a human being’s, as well as the Earth’s, energy matrix. They are the continuing reminders of wisdom and power the feminine holds for the good of all.

Much of my work is influenced by the power of archetypes and what they can offer both women and men in their journey of self-discovery and maturation.

This has taken shape in three forms:

  • Facilitating a group process
  • My MA academic research
  • My published writing
‘Healing the Sacred Feminine’ Group Process

During my Masters training in 2012, I had a strong urge to explore the power of the Sacred Feminine. Consequently, I created and facilitated a significant 7 month spiritual development process, that enabled participants to meet aspects of themselves through the mirroring action that archetypes offer.

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My Academic Research

In 2013, the creation of my MA dissertation (a critical review) was a significant stage in my own development.My chosen focus was the Goddess/Archetype Kali, with the aim to challenge to Carl Jung’s interpreted use in his own theoretical framework, and instead to offer a more informed wholesome perspective and approach appropriate to therapeutic practice and depth-work.

Title of my dissertation:

RE-EXAMINING KALI AS A FEMININE ARCHETYPAL METAPHOR: CASE FOR CHANGE:   From The Terrible Mother representation of the negative Unconscious Feminine to a depth psychology Conscious Feminine allegory for multi-potentiality. A Critical Review.

Click below to access the abstract for my MA dissertation


Published writing

Based on my research as well as my serendipitous developmental processing, I was invited to write an article.

Click below to read my published article in BACP’s Thresholds Journal March 2013

Meeting the Sacred Feminine Consciousness Thresholds March 2013