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Within Yoga, the ‘spoken word’ is valued with great importance, reverence and respect.

Right from the choice of word to the way it is expressed, all have significant influence on how it is then experienced by the receiver.

It is this transmission of energy, through sound, that can enable change to happen.

By raising self-awareness through a practice, consciousness increases and so provides choices and options for growth.

With this in mind, my aim is to offer students the opportunity to access the ‘Praxis Yoga Class’ experience in the comfort of their own space – at home, at work or on the move.

Inspired by feedback and ideas shared generously by my students, I have begun to create a portable library of Yoga practices via the Praxis Yoga YouTube Channel, on CD and in written publication

I want to enable you to feel supported, guided and held during your Yoga Practice, and to offer a sense of being a community of like-minded individuals connecting through Yoga.

Praxis Yoga YouTube Channel
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Here you will find a wonderful hub of downloadable resources to support you in your practice, to stay connected with Praxis and to support your sense of belonging to a valued community of practitioners around the world.

Daily yoga audio-practices including for stress, anxiety, mindfulness, relaxation, supporting good sleep and more.

Praxis Yoga CDs

Praxis offers audio practices in two categories:

In –Between’ Praxis Yoga Series – for regular healthy ‘whole-body’ maintenance and useable on a daily basis

a) Yoga Tape 1 – two separate 30 minute practices (£7.50)
b) CD Practice 1 – What is the Purpose of Yoga (£10)
c) CD Practice 2 – The Still Point (£10)

Inner-Work’ Praxis Yoga series – for personal and spiritual development.

a) CD 1 – Yoga Nidra – Deep Whole Body Relaxation and Planting Inner Seeds for Change (£10)

Details of CD release dates to follow – contact Lina to receive notification updates or follow on Facebook. Contact Lina directly to purchase a CD of your choice.