Sound, Mantra and All That Jazz

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The aim of practising is to raise awareness and understanding, through experiential practice, of the value and benefits of sound and mantra, and their relevance to contributing to health and well-being.

Working with sound is an invitation to explore your significance and feel the power of increased self-confidence, by accessing your own voice and speaking your truth.

At Praxis Yoga, you are introduced to the component parts of vocal production; utilising somatic alignment in producing resonance, rhythm and frequency; and using your whole body as a ‘musical instrument’; and the practising of making and experiencing sound through a variety of activities including movement, specific breath work and vocal tonal work.

You will be enabled to participate in tonal practices and carefully selected Sanskrit ‘consciousness-raising’ mantras, thereby experiencing a sense of ‘community in harmony’.

Using a combination of presenting ideas and concepts, technique teaching, experiential learning and lots of group participation.

Consideration is given to how to use mantra in your everyday life.