PRAXIS CREATIVES WORKSHOP – Saturday 8 June 2019 3 to 5.45pm

Praxis Creatives 2019 Introduction Workshop


Hi Everyone

Welcome to Praxis Creatives – a world that helps people create their ideas and turn these into reality for their world to know about, experience and share.

In this introductory workshop, participants will meet the Praxis Creatrix Process (PCP) – an integrated approach that enables creatives to sustain creative engagement and develop the focus, stamina, strength and discipline to birth their creativity.

It’s a framework that respects body, mind and soul as equal partners and participants in the process. The principles and practices reflect this. It also respects the power of being part of a group consciousness that will amplify learning, support and confidence building.

I welcome you to be part of this revolution that takes you and your creativity seriously developing the feeling, thinking and creating individual within a safe, nurturing, beautiful and calm environment that is Praxis Creatives.

By-pass doubt and book your place today – contact Lina directly to book.



This is a reminder of the 2 Solstice sessions I will be running on Saturday 24 June and Sunday 16 July

Working with consciousness of Solar power can be a very effective way of making change – in this case, turning established stuckness into movement.

For me, Solar power is about a connection to our own potency and ability to positively affect the environments we inhabit – within and around us.

The fact that we wake up every morning knowing the sun will be there (or somewhere behind the clouds) can be taken for granted it’s what we choose to do with this energy that makes all the difference.

Both sessions will focus on developing inner potency that connecting with the Sun can offer.

Potency that feeds our sense of well-being, informs our ability to make good judgements and motivates us to take action.

Part 1: Saturday 24 June 2017    

SUN SALUTATION ALCHEMY: Turning Stuckness Into Movement                     

Part 2: Sunday 16 July 2017

WAKING UP TO GIRL POWER! : Maha Shakti Consciousness in Practice



Lina Talks About Menopause on BBC Radio Nottingham

To mark 2017’s International Women’s Day, Lina talks to Kaval Vaseer about menopause and mid-life – how it can be considered a gift compared to the established norm as an illness. She also shares her experiences as a therapist and reflections on perceptions held within the South-Asian community, and ways to deal with this transition. She also shares her own menopause story as a Brit-Asian woman.



This is a two-part workshop that will coincide with International Women’s Day and its theme ‘Be Bold for Change’.
The sessions will take place on Sundays: 12 March and 7 May, 4 to 6pm.

These aim of these sessions is to enable you to develop your personal and spiritual power through your voice – from a Yoga and energy paradigm perspective.

Within a nurturing, safe and supportive group environment, you will learn the discipline to tap into this circuitry that is focused on:

  • Fifth chakra consciousness: centre for expression and purification of self
  • Developing the ability to articulate thoughts, ideas, feelings and more . . . making things happen
  • Developing the ability to express one-self clearly and openly
  • Developing congruence – and holding responsibility for what we express in the world
  • Developing compassion for self
  • And more  . . . .

To book: simply complete the power-in-a-sound-voice-workshop-booking-form