Praxis Yoga Follow on Practice 4: Rta – It’s all in the timing

It’s all in the timing” – quoting Bruce Springsteen’s reflections about the impact of Elvis and his influence – including on changing American popular culture. To me, a yoga practice provides a snapshot opportunity to re-attune your pace to your unique frequency and ‘natural timing‘ – just the same as how a tuning fork offers a re-calibration process for musical instruments. This practice emphasises the importance of using the breath and mantra practice to offer this reset function – through the lunar breath (chandra bhedena) and ahem-prema vocal practice respectively.

Latest Praxis Yoga Follow on Practice 3

Welcome to Praxis Yoga Follow On Class 3, working with the class theme:

“Working with a structured practice – offers access to a heightened state of awareness”

Have you ever had an ‘a-ha’ moment of realisation?

In Praxis terms, this is a connection to a heightened sense of awareness that enables you to tap into your innate intelligence, wisdom and creativity. Feeling safe within enables a deeper connection to a greater sense of self. Having a supportive structure can offer that sense of safety.

Today’s practice encourages you to work with this, using the timing of a count to 4 whilst exhaling, to begin that process of increasing your depth awareness and creating more ‘a-ha’ opportunities. Enjoy.

Latest Praxis Yoga Follow on Practice 2

Welcome to Praxis Yoga Follow On Class 2, working with the class theme: ‘UnderstandingVinyasa Krama – through an Abdominal Breathing Practice in conjunction with the vitality/prana concept and working with your natural breathing cycle”.

This live audio recording of a Praxis Yoga class invites you to work with a safe structured approach to derive maximum effect for an overall sense of well-being.

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Praxis Weekly Class Follow On . . .

Hi Everyone

This is the latest idea from Praxis Yoga – a ‘Follow On’ practice that captures the essence of the latest weekly class that I teach.

I will offer a recap on the class theme as well as a 10-15 minute practice that you can work with at your leisure. That way, you will keep a momentum with your practice and develop your skills and discipline further.

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I value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you soon.