This is a two-part workshop that will coincide with International Women’s Day and its theme ‘Be Bold for Change’.
The sessions will take place on Sundays: 12 March and 7 May, 4 to 6pm.

These aim of these sessions is to enable you to develop your personal and spiritual power through your voice – from a Yoga and energy paradigm perspective.

Within a nurturing, safe and supportive group environment, you will learn the discipline to tap into this circuitry that is focused on:

  • Fifth chakra consciousness: centre for expression and purification of self
  • Developing the ability to articulate thoughts, ideas, feelings and more . . . making things happen
  • Developing the ability to express one-self clearly and openly
  • Developing congruence – and holding responsibility for what we express in the world
  • Developing compassion for self
  • And more  . . . .

To book: simply complete the power-in-a-sound-voice-workshop-booking-form