What are the YSS sessions about?


Part 1: Light My Fire – Honouring the Summer Solstice – Sunday 19 June

A poignant day focusing on the Sun – astronomically as a star and the meaning of the Solstice; symbolically, the sun representing masculine energy; spiritually, Surya (sun) as provider of life-giving energy.

Physically – we will work with a preparation for, and actual Yoga practice of, Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) – that helps to support building strength, stamina and endurance.

Psycho-spiritually – we will focus on developing a wholesome relationship with the element of the Sun and its place in daily life.

Part 2: Light My Agni – My Change and Transformation Process – Sunday 17 July

A poignant day focusing on one’s individual Yogic metaphorical ‘digestive’ fire called Agni and its importance in the alchemical process of change.

Physically –  we will build on the physical practice from Part 1, supplementing this further with pranayama and mantra practice

Psycho-spiritually –  we will look at how one’s Agni is vital in the process of alchemy, in particular in preparation for the individuation process of change and transformation

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